How the Dutch Reach could save lives

This video originally published in Outside Online.


Should bicyclists always halt at stop signs and wait at lights? Study says no

This article originally published in Chicago Tribune.

This won't surprise anybody who has driven through a Chicago intersection, but not all cyclists obey stop signs and lights.

Maybe they shouldn't always have to, suggests a new study from DePaul University.


‘Bike Repo Batman’ delivers vigilante justice as bike thefts multiply in Seattle

This article originally published in The Seattle Times.

More bikes are being stolen in Seattle. For police — and an anonymous vigilante out to lend a helping hand — recovering them is no small task.


Bicycle Registration

As you may know, bike theft in the Puget Sound area is increasing and if you are like me, you realize that photographing your bike, including the serial number, is a great idea but you simply haven't taken the time to actually do it. Now is the time! In addition, take the time to register your bike at one or both of the sites referenced in the link below. This is easy to do, so do yourself a favor and do it now! In addition to registering your bike on the site, I also suggest that you keep a hard copy file with photos of your bike at your home or office.  


Distracted driving: Test your awareness

For an interesting and creative public relations campaign on the issue of distracted driving, watch the video below.

Read more about distracted driving in John's article here.