King 5 News: Seattle Bike Attorney In High Demand

"There is an attorney in Seattle who is busier than ever.  He receives calls daily about one topic that makes up his entire practice, bikes."

Human Cost, Taxpayer Waste from Neglecting Roads

“It was a part of my social life,” Remme said. “I was also on a bicycle team for a little bit of competition; it was a lot of fun.” Today, his life couldn’t be more different.

Bellevue Bicyclist Hit and Run

Back in 2009 Bellevue city leaders made a commitment to create bike lanes across Bellevue.  Tonight those leaders admit they have fallen short.

Group Ride Podcast

John Duggan is featured in episode 13 of the Group Ride Podcast, a podcast by Wes Salmon focused on the Seattle area cycling community. In the episode, John joins a spirited round table discussion on bike infrastructure.


Group Ride Podcast

John Duggan is featured in episode six of the Group Ride Podcast, a podcast by Wes Salmon focused on the Seattle area cycling community. In the episode, John discusses safety tips, new tech, and best practices for cyclists.


When Drivers Hit Cyclists, What Should The Consequences Be?

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Construction for a new bike lane on Second Avenue downtown began on Friday, just one week after a truck hit a cyclist, 31-year-old mother Sher Kung. She died at the scene.

Safer bike lanes help protect cyclists, but some bike advocates say the laws should be tougher.


Cyclist killed days before city to upgrade notorious bike lane

This article originally appeared in The Seattle Times

Less than two weeks before Seattle’s dangerous Second Avenue bike lane was to be fixed, a 31-year-old woman was killed there Friday when a left-turning truck hit her bicycle.


Lawsuit from bicyclist against Port Orchard can go forward

This article originally appeared in Kitsap Sun

A lawsuit against Port Orchard by a woman injured in a 2009 bicycle crash on Sidney Avenue may go forward, a state appeals court ruled Tuesday, finding among other things that bicycles are a mode of "ordinary travel" and cities have an obligation to maintain roads for them.


Cascade supporter spotlight: John Duggan

This article originally appeared in Cascade Courier

At Cascade, we have a long list of supporters and community partners that help make our work possible. At the stop of that list is Seattle bicycle attorney John Duggan. A daily bike commuter and supporter of cyclists' rights, Duggan has represented hundreds of cyclists int he fight to make Seattle streets safer.


Rolling with Seattle's biking execs:

John Duggan of John Duggan PLLC

This article originally appeared in Puget Sound Business Journal

What's a little rain? A hill or two? Nothing stops Seattle's bicyclists from putting the pedal to the metal. Seattle attorney John Duggan rides to work each day from Bellevue to his Pioneer Square office.


Daily 'trash habit' saves cyclists from trail mischief

This article originally appeared in Mercer Island Reporter

Paul and Beth Anderson are out picking up trash every morning on their walk from Covenant Shores retirement home to the Park on the Lid. But seeing them crouched down on the ground together last Friday, not using their usual grabbing stick, John Duggan stopped to see what was going on.

It was Seattle's Bike to Work Day. The elderly couple that Duggan, a lawyer who commutes from Bellevue to Pioneer Square on his bicycle, stopped to talk to was picking up a spread of tiny carpet tacks that were scattered across the bike trail.


John Duggan - AKA The King of Water Bottles!

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Longtime WAVE supporter John Duggan, Cycling Attorney has given out about 17,000 free bicycle water bottles throughout the Puget Sound region! He has done a variety of “joint venture” bottles including the last five beautiful WAVE designs. These bottles have taken on a life of their own and many have become worldwide travelers as people take staged photos in exotic locations around the world.